Last Week In Perfume Land – Weekend Link Love

Time again for a look back. The first week of the new Year was already a busy one, everyone around the perfume community was off to a running start. On Olfactoria´s Travels it was Green Week.

Here are some of the  posts that piqued my interest last week:

EauMG talks about Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood, this was one of the first perfumes I took an interest (obsession?) in, when I got into niche fragrances.

I Smell Therefore I Am reviewed Love, Chloé is the best meainstream releases from 2010 in my humble opinion, Abigail likes it too. (My own take on this fragrance is here.) This is a blog that gets better and better all the time, I immensely enjoy Brian´s and Abigail´s satirical writing.

Scentless Sensibilities: Tarleisio reviews Olympic Orchids “Olympic Rainforest” perfume. Never heard of it? Click over there and learn, I was amazed (I hadn´t heard of the line either, but now I have a sample pack on the way ;))

Katie Puckrik wakes us up with a slap in the face courtesy of Hermes Eau de Pamplemousse Rose. Just what I needed to get myself in gear.

The Non-Blonde immersed herself in a sweet offering from Uncle Serge – Rahät Loukoum. Do you enjoy Turkish Delight?

Scent Of The Day: Krista found the perfect store, a paradise for perfumistas, read about it (and see her goodies) in “Window Sniffing at Fritsch Pharmacy”

Bois de Jasmin got me interested once again in a fragrance I did not take seriously before (snob, I know) – Agent Provocateur. Needs to be tested, I fear 😉

Beauty On The Outside took a hike, braving the cold and snapping a bunch of beautiful photos, all the while pondering the Smell of Cold. What is your answer?

Here on Olfactoria´s Travels it smelled green during the entire week. Many people liked to hear about Andy Tauer´s new Carillon pour un Ange, that perfume is in my all-time Top Ten.

I was very happy when M.Lutens himself (well, okay a very nice PR lady from Shiseido to be exact) took a liking to my Bas de Soie review and put it on his Facebook page.

It was a good week all around, a good start into the new year.

Now on to the next one, see you on Monday 🙂

Picture Source: Vintage Ad Browser, some rights reserved, thank you!


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6 Responses to Last Week In Perfume Land – Weekend Link Love

  1. Tara says:

    Nice round up and congrats on your review being mentioned on Serge’s FB page – very cool!

  2. Tarleisio says:

    Congrats on the FB mention! That’s no small feat! And thank you for the mention! I’m off, meanwhile, to write another review…just to stir things up a little…;-)

  3. Another busy week in Perfumeland 🙂
    I love TF because that line has created so many perfumistas. Private Blends has been such a “gateway” drug!

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