Last Week In Perfumeland – Weekend Link Love

Another week galopped past me, as the Holidays come nearer time is going by faster and faster, as if it knew how much I still have to do. If it were not for my children (and, truth be told, my parents and parents-in-law) I´d rather flee the scene and spend Christmas on a beach in the Caribbean or a remote spa or an exiting city. Basically anywhere where it is possible to NOT celebrate Christmas. It is kind of sad, that I can´t get into the spirit, but having to do it anyway is sadder still.

But for now, I am taking a time out, browsing through all the great posts the past week has seen in the land of perfume fanatics.

Join me on a little round-trip!

Feel free to tell me about posts you loved around the blog scene, in the comments. I am always interested, maybe I have missed something good!

My friend Danielle on Beauty On The Outside had her first encounter with Mr Andy Tauer. I think it is love…

Victoria on EauMG, one of the most cleverly named blogs I have ever seen btw, gave me a much needed sniff into summer with her review of Penhaligon´s Castile. We are mostly snowed in here, so I  am glad for every piece of sunshine I encounter.

Bois de Jasmin´s Victoria had a close look at the differences between Shiseido´s and Serge Lutens reformulated Feminité du Bois. Results are in, but they are not encouraging.

Brian and Abigail on I Smell Therefore I Am are having a great series about eighties fragrances, presented in the most clever (and for John Hughes fans, wonderful) way. A must read!

A really funny, yet insightful post came from Persolaise this  week. I wish his notions would come true!

Finally, Tarleisio on Scentless Sensibilities professed her love for Caron´s Bellodgia so poetically, it went right to the top three on my must-try list.

I could go on and on, but all good things must come to an end. The same should be true for the Holiday frenzy as well. 🙂

Have a great Sunday, I see you next week!

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