Meow! – Review: Parfumerie Generale N° 21 Felanilla

I was a little tired after the weekend and feeling a bit uninspired, when I happened upon a sample of Felanilla that I had forgotten in the depths of my sample box.

Thank Goodness I found it!

Felanilla quickly got me out of my slump, that is one thing I love about perfume: You smell a great one, and presto!, spirits are restored, moods are lifted, energy starts flowing again and creative writing urges kick in.

Why? Because Felanilla is gooooood!

More Roar, than Meow! actually 😉

Created in 2009 by Pierre Guillaume for his niche house Parfumerie Generale, N° 21 Felanilla features notes of vanilla, saffron, iris, banana wood, hay and amber.

The perfume starts with a blast of saffron, that is not to be characterized as shy in any way, but it recedes to make way for an exceptional darkish, burnt vanilla with a dirty edge, that is toe-curlingly rich and warm and naughty. It resembles its grandmother Shalimar a lot. Which can only be a good thing in my book.

As the name suggests, Felanilla is supposed to be an animalic vanilla. For me that is a spot-on description. It has a presence without being overwhelming, it is elegant and smooth, it is a bit dangerous, it is sweet, but not like a confection and it has a furry, soft quality that makes the vanilla so interestingly alive. It feels capable of hissingly showing its claws or purring contentedly, depending on how it is treated.

It is a fragrance that makes me smile.

And purr a little…or growl, depending on how I am treated.

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12 Responses to Meow! – Review: Parfumerie Generale N° 21 Felanilla

  1. Victoria says:

    Oh, you are definitely on a vanilla kick these days! 🙂 I have not tried Felanilla, but anything animalic and with saffron sounds right up my alley. I confess though that the PG line overwhelms me with its numerous fragrances. I have not checked their website for a while, but I recall getting a headache the last time I tried to make sense of it.

  2. Marina says:

    Love this one too! Yep, it’s purr is sort of…predatory 🙂

  3. Marina says:

    I liked their Gardenia Grand Soir, L’Ombre Fauve, Querelle, Bois de Copaiba

  4. KJanicki says:

    Mmm sounds good. I love vanilla but hate lemon so Shalimar doesn’t work for me. But this sounds like something special.

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