A Starter Musk – Review: Serge Lutens Clair de Musc

We are coming to the end of Lutens week today. It was great fun, but all good things must end. That is certainly not my last Lutens review, but we can´t have them all at once, can we now? Next week I have a few reviews of wonderful perfumes in store for you as well as my first sample givaway/draw. So stay tuned!

Clair de Musc is generally thought to be a kind of Lutens for beginners. That is probably because it is not odd in any way, doesn’t boost any strange ingredients and is easily wearable and reminiscent of a classic, namely Chanel 5.

It was indeed also my first sniff into the Lutens universe, and niche perfumery in general.

Strange is the point of view indeed, that wearability has come to signify something almost negative. Especially in the Lutens ouevre, to call something easily wearable sounds almost like an insult.

But why?

Let us rejoice in the existence of a perfume that is pleasing and well made. It is a very good scent for almost any occasion (maybe not in the heat of summer, but that is the only restricion I can think of right now).

Clair de Musc starts with aldehydic flowers, a nice bouquet of rose, jasmine, ylang and maybe some lilly of the valley (a tiny whiff?), but the soft musc base already makes itself apparent, peeking through the floral haze. It dries down to a clean, but not overly soapy-clean, musc. Something like MKK´s little sister,  that grew up with nice adoptive parents instead of in the wilds of the steppe, raised by oxen, like MKK 😉 (MKK is an abbreviation for Muscs Khublai Khan, for those not so familiar with the house.)

Notes include bergamot, iris, neroli, jasmine, orange blossom, sandalwood, musk. The fragrance was created in 2003 and is available in the export range.

Picture sources: parfums-serge-lutens.de, yukonhelmut.de some rights reserved, thank you!

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