The Powder Of Love – Review: Love, Chloé

I am back at the regular perfume counter again, this time for the newly launched Love, Chloé by Parfums Chloé Paris (Coty).

As I´ve said a few times already, I am a visual type. So the overall look is incredibly important to get me interested. The entire visuals for Love, Chloé fit me like a glove. I love it. I love the bottle, I love the model (Racquel Zimmermann) and how she is presented. She pretty closely resembles the image of an ideal woman I have in my head. Sophisticated, classy, timelessly stylish. A new Grace Kelly. That is how I would like to see myself (trust me, it is an aspiration only, I´m miles off).

So the first hurdle over (getting me to sniff the thing by enticing me with a great aesthetic), I ventured out to get a sample. Strangely that was not to be had, although normally they throw samples at you for new launches whether you want them or not (mostly not, thanks!). Maybe that is part of the “classy” approach, don´t give out trivial samples, make yourself hard to get (or maybe I was just unlucky.) Whatever, with me, that works. During a fated 30%off everything day at my local department store I had the 50ml bottle packed and in my bag after barely sniffing my hand. It is that gorgeous.

Usually I am not one for immediately gushing over a new fragrance, usually I´m not one for flowery perfumes, usually I´m not one to go for ultrafeminine, but this one is almost perfect.

Official notes include orange blossom, pink pepper, iris absolute, lilac, hyacinth, wisteria blossom, heliotropine, powdery musks, talc and rice powder. It should remind one of face powder according to the PR blurbs. It was created by perfumers Louise Turner and Natalie Gracia-Cetto.

It starts with violets, and thus reminds me of Guerlains Apres L´Ondée (in the earlier stages of development I find these two very similar, actually). They are later joined by a soft pink bouquet of roses and lilacs, not much greenery detecable, but it is there. It stays flowery, sweet but never cloying for a long time before it dries down to a delectable powdery, floral veil, that stays with me for the day. It reminds me of my wedding day, actually. The flower arrangements in the church and at the hotel, where the reception and dinner were held, smelled just like Love, Chloé. It reminds me of that day in June, five years ago. See, even the name is fitting 🙂 (By the way, it rained buckets on my wedding day, never in the history of this area so much rain was recorded ever before, and yes, we do not have a single outdoor picture of our wedding.)

So it is only pertinent that this perfume even compelled my husband to utter the highest praise I´ve yet heard from him: “Not bad!”

What more is there to say?


Love, Chloé is available in 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum as well as a matching line of body products.

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