Home, sweet Home…How I scent my surroundings

Do you scent your home as well as yourself?

In the times before I grew into appreciating fragrance I always had a scented candle at home (mostly vanilla scented ones from Ikea, that admission is a little like a wine connoisseur stating that he used to drink supermarket wine from a carton), but they collected dust without being lit often. And aside from the occasional cheap room spray for the bathroom (which is an absolute necessity when you live with three men, the one in diapers not even counting yet) my home was scent free. Dark times indeed…

Well, now after having developed an appreciation for all things fragrant, things are quite different. Every room sports a diffuser, candles abound and the kitchen even gets special treatment.

Let us start there:

In my kitchen I actually use real scent to give it the ambiance I like, I use Comptoir Sud Pacifique Eau de Voyage Vanille Amande.

It is a wonderful marzipan vanilla scent, that would be way to sweet for me to use on myself, but as a room spray it is amazing, even my olfactorially challenged husband commented favorably on it. And it is quite long-lasting, one spray is sufficient for the day. It gives the kitchen an air of warmth and comfort.

For the other rooms I use reed diffusers, since burning accessories are not a great idea with two small children in the house, candles are only for quiet times in the evenings (and I mean the entire ten minutes, before I fall asleep;)).

There is lavender in the bedrooms, cinnamon in the dining room, lilies in the living room and uplifting bergamotte in the office. The bathroom gets fig leaves. I get my room scents from L´Occitane, they offer a wide range of home fragrances at affordable prices. They are longlasting and do their job nicely, but I can still dream about this, can´t I…

All these fragrances are comforting and make me smile whenever I go by and catch a whiff. I never knew how important scent could be in my life. I draw comfort, or strength, joy or calmness from them. I always knew on a theoretical basis how important and powerful scents can be in evoking feelings or memories, but the experience is something else still.

I am glad having discovered fragrances for myself as an important resource for wellbeing. A great perfume or even home fragrance has the power to calm, restore, uplift or fill me with simple joy, and that works whether I want it or not, whether I am in a good mood or have a bad day, whether I look good or like I haven´t slept through the night in four years. (which, incidentally I haven´t ;))

Smell is such an underrated and underappreciated sense, having “discovered” it now, is like seeing colors for the first time after a lifetime of black and white.

Picture sources: loccitane.com, editionsdeparfum.com, bettdirect.de some rights reserved, thank you!

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