Cold Comfort – Review: Ormonde Jayne Tolu

I used to abhor fall and winter. The cold, the frequent wetness, having to wear tons of clothes…
Since I am interested in perfume though, fall season is great! All those wonderful scents that need the cold to shine, aaahh, bring on the snowstorms, I am ready.

One of these fragrant cashmere shawl equivalents is Tolu by british perfumes house Ormonde Jayne. Its founder and perfumer is Linda Pilkington. Ormonde Jayne have a wonderful store in London, should one be fortunate enough to live there, all the rest of us can visit the very nice online boutique, that offers a great introductory kit with samples of all the available scents. A wonderful thing, I wish every company did that! The feel of the whole line is very luxurious and tasteful, I like the visual presentation, that is worthy of the juice inside.

Tolu belongs to the family of Orientals.
Which is tricky for me, mostly I avoid them, because it is very easy to be overwhelmed and outperformed by them. Since I am blonde, pale and slight, I always get attributes like ethereal, which is nice, I guess, but it doesn’t exactly predispose one to wear something like Ambre Sultan. Usually I am more of the Ellena/Giacobetti school of thought. I don’t relish being worn by my perfume, and this category is notoriously hard to master. Tolu and I, though had a very harmonious relationship from the start. The top notes are orange blossoms, juniper berries and clary sage according to the company. For me the orange blossoms stand out the most, almost from the start though,the resinous base is quite present, tolu, tonka bean, frankincense and amber. Of the flowery heart notes (moroccan rose, muguet and orchid) I do not get much, it is the warm, ambery richness of the base that dominates throughout. The base is well rounded, soft and smooth, with a hint of powder cushioning and mellowing the resins. I don’t detect too much smokiness, that incense notes normally bring (which tends to put me off, I am no big fan of incense), another plus in my book.
Weartime is excellent, 12 hours at least, the extreme drydown is dark, soft and almost chocolatey, without being overly sweet, hmmm, wonderful.
I would love to explore the scented Tolu body products Ormone Jayne offers, especially the oil sounds scrumptious. It may well go on my christmas list.
Ultimately, Tolu is a very wearable, warming, comforting and plush fall scent, even for “anti-orientalists”.

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12 Responses to Cold Comfort – Review: Ormonde Jayne Tolu

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  2. kjanicki says:

    A cashmere shawl is a perfect description for this perfume. I like it too and I took it on a beach vacation once where it worked on warm nights as well!

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