One Of Many? – Review: Guerlain Idylle

Sometimes the mainstream beckons and I follow.

Idylle is the latest release of the esteemed House of Guerlain, the first by in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser. It was fraught with lots of high expectations, since the last few Guerlain releases were woefully lacking in the opinions of many, especially in comparison to the wonderful classics from Guerlains past.

Despite not really loving the bottle (and I say it here unashamedly, I am a very visual person and a nice bottle – or an ugly one – can make or break it for me, at least it decides whether I want to sniff something, what happens then is a different story.), I tested Idylle recently, since I got a sample at my local fragrance counter.

I was not expecting to like this, that is why it took me months to even bother to break out my sample, but – surprise! – it is good. Not earthshatteringly so, but decidedly good. BUT (yes, big but) unique it is not! It reminds me (and strongly!) of Narciso Rodriguez For Her as well as Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely. Now that isn´t a bad thing, since I like both scents very much, I wore NR For Her for years, before I got into niche fragrances, but one would expect something unique and unmistakable from a Guerlain, wouldn´t one?

I like this fragrance, even to the point of contemplating to get the small size, but still…

It is somehow dissapointing that Guerlain played it safe and made something sure to be appreciated, because it has been done before, because it has been successful before. The house has so many extremely outstanding perfumes in its past, that to go the safe and unimaginative path instead of blazing a trail of excellence as it would behove a big player like Guerlain, is just sad.

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9 Responses to One Of Many? – Review: Guerlain Idylle

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  8. Zubi d'Nova / Melissa de Blok says:

    LOL at the fact that there are no comments. It just shows the calibre and intelligence of your blogreaders. 😉

    (I am totally becoming a perfume snob. Help!)

    • Olfactoria says:

      I guess it just shows that I wrote about this perfume early on, when my blog was not yet widely read. 😉

      Enbrace your inner perfume snob! (That’s what I did. 😉 )

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