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Myrrhe To Warm My Soul – Review: Serge Lutens La Myrrhe

By Sandra I am certainly not made for winter and I should not even complain. The weather is cold, yes, but not frigid like last year. I just do not like it. I find the grey skies and the cold … Continue reading

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An Evening of Orientals – Perfume Lovers London, The New Cavendish Club, London, Thursday 21st November 2013

By Tara Warm, exotic and sensuous, we explored the heady world of oriental perfumes this month at PLL. The evening was presented by Lila Das Gupta and below is a summarised version of events. In her introduction, Lila told us … Continue reading

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Cherry Crisis (Averted) – Review: Serge Lutens Louve

Editor’s Note: The following review was posted in November 2010. I came upon it recently – the review as well as the perfume (in my “shunned and ostracized samples” box) and I just cannot let it stand like that. It … Continue reading

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Serge Lutens Vs. Frédéric Malle – You Had To Choose! Results

Last week’s Monday Question was a lot of fun! I pitched the charismatic leaders of two esteemed houses against one another and while the race was close, there has been a clear winner in the end. The fabulous Undina, of … Continue reading

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Monday Question – Serge Lutens or Frédéric Malle: You Must Choose!

We had a lot of fun with the previous showdowns Chanel vs. Guerlain and By Kilian vs. Parfumerie Générale, so I thought it was time for another one. I chose to set Serge Lutens against Frédéric Malle since both their … Continue reading

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Sweet Little Thing – The World Of Vanilla Part VIII

By Neil HABIT ROUGE by GUERLAIN Jacques Guerlain was right when he said that vanilla is the ultimate aphrodisiac, and it is probably the reason why I am so drawn to the perfumes of this house; even in florals such … Continue reading

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Incredible Irises – Perfume Lovers London, Thursday 22nd November

By Tara Iris is one of my favourite notes. Its presence can add a touch of class and interest to just about any perfume. I’m obviously not alone in this view because The New Cavendish Club was packed out for … Continue reading

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I Want, I Need, I Have To Have – The Trouble With Impulse Buys

Do you recognize the following scenario? You innocently walk into a store (one of the perfume carrying variety of course), intending to browse a little, checking what is in stock, maybe sniffing two or three perfumes on your list, but … Continue reading

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A River Runs Through It – Review: Serge Lutens Jeux De Peau

I have been rediscovering my love for woody perfumes these past weeks, and Jeux de Peau is one of the best. Here is my review from last year to refresh your memory and maybe make you take out your old … Continue reading

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Hot Town, Summer in the City – The Candy Perfume Boy Summer Special at Perfume Lovers London

By Tara One of the very brightest and best new perfume blogs to pop-up in Perfumeland over the last year is The Candy Perfume Boy. With a mix of razor-sharp wit and insightful reviews, the posts are as entertaining as … Continue reading

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