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Off To Italy!

This is just a quick post to say goodbye for two weeks, I want to be offline as much as possible during this time to really recharge and experience the real world (and real books, even the Kindle stays home!). … Continue reading

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People In Perfumeland – Caro Fernandez Of Té de Violetas

Té de Violetas (formerly known as Notas e Acordes) is a blog by Caro Fernandez and Virginia Blanco. The two ladies offer their point of view in Spanish and English, reviewing fragrances and interviewing various perfumers. Caro is based in Buenos … Continue reading

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La Vita È Bella – Life Is Good In Italy, A Travelogue Part II

Venice is amazing. But of course you didn’t need me to tell you that. Arriving by boat from Punta Sabbioni directly on the Piazza San Marco, we immediately got sucked into the maze that is Venice’s San Marco district alongside … Continue reading

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La Vita É Bella – Life Is Good In Italy, A Travelogue Part I

Our yearly trip to Italy is a compromise, but a lovely one. Left to our own devices my husband and I would prefer to travel further afar, but with small kids that can turn expensive and uncomfortable for everyone, so … Continue reading

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Fragrant Bliss On Italian Shores – A Quick Buon Giorno!

I am still lounging by the pool while writing this, but I wanted to share my blissed out state of perfumed contentment with all of you. On our trip to Venice (more about all of it to follow once I’m … Continue reading

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A Tuscan Retreat Part II – The City Of Florence

By Sandra During our recent vacation in Tuscany we managed to spend a whole day in Florence. We parked the car up on the Piazzale Michelangelo and were greeted with the most stunning view of the city right beneath us. … Continue reading

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Italy Here I Come – Olfactoria Travels Again

I am signing off for the next two weeks, because we are going on our yearly family vacation to Italy. Aside from enjoying the beach, I look forward to exploring the fragrant situation in Venice this year. There are some … Continue reading

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A Tuscan Retreat Part I – Sandra’s Italian Vacation

By Sandra We took our first vacation in over 8 years that did not include a conference of some sort. Vacation this year included my entire immediate family and a cousin with her husband. To be honest, I worried that … Continue reading

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My Little List Of Happiness – Things That Make Me Smile

I want to post a list of things that make me happy once a month and I hope you join me in the comments with your happiness inducing little things. Frivolity is the key to eternal youth. – Ines de … Continue reading

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Scent and the Eternal City – Perfume Shopping In Rome, Italy

By Sandra Over three decades ago, I left Rome, Italy as a young girl. I had lasting impressions of this beautiful city, which had nothing to do with perfume. Light, warmth, umbrella pine trees, weekends at the beach, Catholic school, … Continue reading

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