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Greeeeeeen! – Review: Robert Piguet Futur

Hey Olfactoria’s Travelers, Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies and Perfume Posse in the Olfactoria house. It’s been warm down under, a bit humid and sticky and I know you guys are in spring in the northern hemisphere so I thought … Continue reading

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Spring Awakening – Review: Hermès Eau de Narcisse Bleu

I bought a new bottle of perfume. Well, that should not be too momentous a confession on a perfume blog, but somehow it is. I have been disenchanted with perfume, with blogging,with life in general, it seems lately, and just … Continue reading

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What Perfume Goes With My Barbour Jacket? – A Follow Up

A few weeks ago I asked you about perfumes that mirror the great outdoors, that smell like the heath, cold wind, Hunter boots and Barbour jackets. I wanted to let you know that I found the one that is perfect. Where … Continue reading

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Coming Home – Review: Jul Et Mad Terrasse á Saint-Germain

By Sandra Jul et Mad’s first chapter of their love story, took me on an exciting chance encounter on Lexington Avenue with Stilettos on Lex. When I first smelled the samples it was a cursory sniff of the top. I … Continue reading

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The First Days Of Spring – Review: Olfactive Studio Flash Back

Olfactive Studio released a new – their fifth – perfume this spring and while I’m sure it works well year-round, it feels ideally suited for the season. Flash Back is paired with a photograph by Laurent Segretier. For the other … Continue reading

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The Gentle Breezes Of Spring – Review: Parfums de Nicolai Week-end à Deauville

Parfums de Nicolai is a line that is so much under the radar it is really a shame. I blame the packaging, because once you get past that, the perfumes are exquisite and very well worth your time and attention. … Continue reading

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The Scent Of Innocence – Review: Jo Malone Blackberry And Bay Cologne

Am I a great Jo Malone fan? No. Honestly, while I always loved the visuals of the brand, I used to look down on the perfumes from my undeserved, little Perfumista pedestal as cute, but uninspired. My, how arrogant can … Continue reading

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A Stroll Amidst the Temples – Review: Guerlain Un Ville, Un Parfum Shanghai

By Sandra When I think of Asia, China in particular, I think of all of the smells that I encountered in my travels to the region. First and foremost, tea comes to mind and in reality, there was always a … Continue reading

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Monday Question – Which Perfumes Feel Like A Walk In The Country?

By Tara What are your favourite “back to nature” fragrances? Which perfumes bring to mind trees, leaves, green stems or grass? Is there a perfume that transports you to a rural idyll? Or have you yet to find a green … Continue reading

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Magnificat Anima Mea – Review: DSH Perfumes Pandora

Pandora, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz’s newest creation, has gotten a lot of attention already. And not only because a new DSH perfume is always interesting, but because it is a GREAT new perfume. Many have already written about it, so what … Continue reading

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