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ODOU Smell and Perfume Magazine – Crowd Funding Initiative

By Tara Launched in 2013, ODOU is a bi-annual print magazine that explores smell and perfume through themes of memory, science, art, design, personal reflections, photography and more. There is no other publication that explores the sense of smell alone. … Continue reading

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Road Trip: Review – Van Cleef & Arpels California Reverie

By Tara I usually have trouble with jasmine-heavy perfumes. Nasomatto’s Nuda is too heady for me and the same goes for Serge Lutens’ A La Nuit multiplied by a hundred. I admire the apricot inkiness of Sarrasins (also by Lutens) … Continue reading

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Spring Haze – Review: Guerlain Chamade

By Tara When you first meet someone you are violently attracted to, it can feel a lot like panic. Your fight or flight response kicks in as your senses heighten and your heart begins to race. Historically, in war, a … Continue reading

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Deserted Beaches – Review: Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt

By Tara I’ve never had much luck with Jo Malone fragrances but last year’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt got a fair amount of positive attention, so I thought I’d give it a try.   It contains notes of ambrette … Continue reading

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Chanel Misia and A Visit To The Harrods Salon de Parfums – Plus A Giveaway!

By Tara Last Autumn Harrods opened their luxurious Salon de Parfums on the sixth floor. It’s essentially a long row of fragrance boutiques – one for each brand – which highlight their most exclusive collections. Other high-end lines (such as … Continue reading

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Pink Sunshine – Review: Atelier Cologne Pomelo Paradis

By Tara I thought it would never happen, but I have found a grapefruit perfume that doesn’t make me wince. No eye-winking sourness or connotations of body odour here. Pomelo Paradis is a simple pink grapefruit fragrance that’s full of … Continue reading

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My Iris – Review: Hermès Hiris

By Tara I love iris. Unfortunately, despite trying a plethora of iris-forward fragrances over the years, I’ve had difficulty finding one that’s the perfect fit for me. I would usually find them too icy cold, metallic edged or simply not … Continue reading

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Mellow Tobacco – Review: Phaedon Paris Tabac Rouge/Turkish Blend

By Tara Last year I tried a few fragrances from Pierre Guillaume’s Phaedon but I didn’t click with any of them and as a result, thought perhaps the line wasn’t for me. However, I heard positive things about Tabac Rouge … Continue reading

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Honey Trap – Review: Ramon Monegal Cuirelle

By Tara I’ve been curious about Cuirelle ever since I heard that it was a different, softer, take on leather compared to the usual animal hide. So I was grateful when the Cookie Queen kindly sent me a couple of … Continue reading

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Pin-Up Perfume – Review: 4160 Tuesdays Tart’s Knicker Drawer

By Tara British brand 4160 Tuesdays has quite a number of fragrances that are brim full of wit. In a world where perfumers can be painfully pretentious or rudely arrogant, the approach taken by indie perfumer Sarah McCartney is refreshing. … Continue reading

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